The I don't really care list

The I don’t really care list. Reading the title of this post , you probably though what the heck is this, but it will all make sense when you conti[...]

Martin & Kristin | Beach engagement shoot

Martin and Kristin is just an amazing couple and such fun people.  We had so much fun on this shoot and laughed so much. They got engaged in August of[...]

People Pleaser

I’m not entirely sure how I got myself into this position but I am a total peoples pleaser. Now in business this can be a good thing, but also a very [...]

Change is a good thing

I have got real problem when it comes to moving out of my comfort zone and changing my set ways.   "I want to scream a little inside myself w[...]

See the positive side, always

Make the best of every situation So if you don’t  know me yet,  I'm really optimistic. I'll always see 100 ways something can work and 10 ways it wou[...]

Bad Service and how I hate it.

So I though it would be appropriate to write my first blog post on our new website about the thing I like the least (hate), and that is bad service or[...]