The I don’t really care list

The I don’t really care list.

Reading the title of this post , you probably though what the heck is this, but it will all make sense when you continue reading.

More or less the same time last year I stumbled upon this great inspiring blog post, “The end is near and a Goldilocks list” by someone I really look up to in the way He does business and his view on life, Iaan van Niekerk , that was definitely my favorite and the most inspiring blog post that I came across in 2013, and that is the reason and inspiration for this blog post, and I hope it can help someone the way it helped me and made my 2013 the best year yet.

“It is a list of things, goals or whatever you want to achieve in this year”

So what is this I don’t really care list all about? – It is a list of things, goals or whatever you want to achieve in this year, now the secret and really nice thing about it is, You write down for example, I want to save R10 000 before the end of this year. In the back off your mind you’ll always be thinking about this money you have to save up, so without you knowing you will cut back on certain things, you’ll work harder to achieve the goal you set out, but don’t worry if the 31st of December comes flying and you only have R8 000 saved up.

It doesn’t mean you have had a bad year, look back and think that it is R8 000 that you didn’t have in June. So it isn’t the end off the world if you didn’t achieve your goals, atleast you tried and you achieved more than you thought you would,but if you achieve it, GREAT ! Try setting higher goals then.

“Reach for the stars and you’ll fall on the moon”

Why I chose to do it in June?

This is normally the time of year that you want to get your life on track, you realize that you don’t have money saved or you are overweight and need to exercise, you realize that you haven’t done anything worthwhile this year and we are halfway already, so get your list together and start working towards those goals, it will take you 20 minutes to set it up.

So from the 1st of June give it your all, and achieve those goals.

Here’s my list from 2013.




Now I know it looks real silly but hang with me.

This is what I achieved from my list in 2013,

  • I lost 10kg before December
  • I could run 5km without walking
  • I went to cape town
  • We booked 8 weddings
  • We defnitly created experiences for our clients
  • I didn’t do a 1-to-1 workshop with Christine Meintjes, but we atleast got to have a 30min chat with her at the photo and film expo
  • And I did save R10 000 but it all was spent at the Photo and film expo. 🙂

So I hope that you can take something away from this blogpost and go do it.

Ps : Make it your wallpaper on your phone or computer or make a calander entry for every day , so you are constantly reminded of your goals.


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