Armand & Nicola | A Godly Celebration

Some moments in life can make even a busy mind quite as you stand in awe of a moment that took your breath away. Nicola looked him right in the eyes and said her vows, and I remember thinking, God must have planned their lives perfectly for this exact moment to happen.

Armand and Nicola planned their wedding with so many sentimental details. Nicola arrived at the venue where she had to wait with the rest of the women at the venue. They prayed for her and her marriage as they waited for Armand to knock on the door and receive her from her dad. In the very intense moment of this happening a buckhorn was blown in the background.

The guest walked to the forest chapel as they waited for the couple to walk down the aisle. With their first kiss as a married couple, bells were ringing in celebration.

This was a truly festive feast.

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Service Providers:

Venue: Woodland Function Venue

Decor: Grand Room Design

Dress: Julie Wedderburn

Makeup: Minnette Oliver- SA Image Company

Video: Perfect Pear – https://vimeo.com/171312797

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